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Delight Each Other – Polar Valentine Campaign 2015

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Polar Ice Cream, one of the leading ice-cream producers in the country, today awarded 10 valentine couples for sharing their togetherness with their dearest ones in their life. The award winners were selected based on their submission through online. Like each year, Polar Ice cream has celebrated the Valentines with its fans. 

This year a special initiative was taken to select individual couples and amazed them with a special night with Topu and Najiba – who is enormously famous for the song “Ekta Gopon Kotha”. The event was also themed under the same theme to find 10 most delightful couples through contest. This year on the celebration of Valentines for the “Delight Each Other” campaigns of Polar Ice Cream, held the event on a restaurant at Banani, Dhaka to recognize the valentine couples. After one and half hour of selected live music performance by Topu, guests took selfies with the star couple as a memorabilia. Gift hampers were also distributed by Topu and Naziba at the gala event. Mr. Shah Masud Imam, COO of Polar Ice Cream was also present at the celebration. On this occasion the participants thanked everyone for organizing such an event where they could meet their superstar of “Ekta Gopon Kotha”.

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10 valentine couples were awarded for sharing their togetherness with their dearest ones in their lifetime.

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